State & Regional NNPS Leaders

News and Reminders

  • Please send us a copy of your regional, district leader, and school action plans by sending email attachments to
  • We have added a guide and videos for the 2020-2021 NNPS funding you’ve received at the regional level (see below). This new guidance should allow for additional uses of funds compared to prior years. Please review and create a plan for your regional team for how you will use funds beyond the initial plans with 3 districts, if you anticipate having leftover funds. Deadline: The SST 2020-2021 plan is due by October 15, 2020 to OSU and ODE for review and approval. Submit to
  • The NNPS Handbook is available as an e-book: Order here
  • Reminder: Invoice Mahoning County ESC for your SST NNPS membership costs and other travel/supply costs you’ve expended.

Training Schedule

Funding Guidance & Regional Plans

Training Documents

August 20, 2020 NNPS Refresher Webinar for SST Coaches (Watch Recording)

August 28, 2020 NNPS District Leader Webinar (Watch Recording)

September 22 or 23, 2020 NNPS District Leader Training

See district/school leaders page.

September 29 or 30, 2020 School Action Team Training

See district/school leaders page.

Answers to FAQs about Recruiting Districts

1. What should I bring with me when recruiting districts?

The important things are the About NNPS for Ohio Districts, the description of the trainings document, and once they are ready, the Partnership Agreement to sign. You could also bring the manual. After they agree to sign the Partnership Agreement, they will need to complete and return to you the NNPS District Membership Form. You will send that to us.

2. Who should the district lead be?

The district lead should be someone with a district-wide position with a) time, and b) the ability to be a good coach for the school leaders. There are many different roles that could successfully fill this role such as a federal programs leader, a curriculum director, special education director, student support services coordinator, school counseling coordinator, assistant superintendent, and others.

3. Tell me more about the additional trainings beyond the first year training for teams.

Those once a year trainings will be training from Joyce Epstein, most likely offered for the whole school team that is implementing the model.  Please consider them as mandatory at this time.  To get all of our districts and schools off on a good start for implementation with fidelity, we want to ensure there is opportunity for high quality training each year.  The trainings will cover special topics relevant to our schools and will provide information for continued improvement for their partnership planning.

4. Should cohort 2 become a member of NNPS in the 2019-2020 school year?


5. Can I recruit a community school to participate?

During this grant, we promised to implement NNPS in every Ohio region in 2 schools per year, an elementary school and a middle/high school. So, if you recruit a community school, you will need to ask them to form 2 teams of parents/teachers/school leaders (1 for the elementary grades, and 1 for the middle/high grades). If this does not seem feasible due to the size/capacity of the school, we recommend that you encourage them to implement NNPS but that you select a different district to coach.

Ohio Parents and Caregivers -- Click Here to Apply to be on our Advisory Council in 2021 -- Applications Due November 26, 2020

We are now recruiting Ohio parents and caregivers of Ohio children from birth to grade 12 to be members of our advisory council beginning in January 2021!

Click here to download the English version of the application and share with families in your community.

Click here to download the Spanish version of the application and share with families in your community.

Applications are due by November 26, 2020, and can be emailed as an attachment to

To read more about the work of the council, visit our state advisory council web page.