Online Courses

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Our team offers two online courses for educators, one on Foundations of Family Engagement, and one on Partnering with Families for Early Literacy.

Foundations of Family Engagement

Foundations of Family Engagement is a course for early career teachers, counselors, and other school-based staff to build their knowledge and skills for effective family engagement. The course will be delivered in 3 learning blocks through a flipped instructional model. For each block, participants will first individually complete an online module to build their background knowledge related to family engagement. Then, participants will join a synchronous online workshop session to apply knowledge to participants’ professional contexts. The process will repeat for the next two learning blocks.

Partnering With Families to Support Early Literacy

Partnering with Families to Support Early Literacy is a self-paced, online course for teachers from grades Pre-K through 3rdgrade to build their knowledge and skills for enhancing literacy instruction through family engagement. The course is divided into three modules: Partnering with Families, Home-based Practices to Support Early Literacy, and Communicating with Families about Early Literacy. To maximize the learning experience, we encourage teachers to take the course at the same time as their colleagues. This will provide for discussion and application as a team. Teachers may opt to participate in the course on their own, and individually commit to reflecting, sharing, and practicing the concepts presented in the course.