21st Century Advancing Family Engagement

A virtual professional learning community for first or second-year grantees of 21st Century Community Learning Centers(21st CCLC). The 21stCAFE is sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education with the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center.


The Ohio Family and Community Engagement (FCE) Network is a group of dedicated education professionals from across Ohio, comprised of representatives from each of Ohio’s regions along with organizations whose work supports families of diverse learners, including students with disabilities. 


Ohio’s Partnership Schools Network is made up of a group of state leaders, coaches, and districts implementing the National Network of Partnership Schools model.

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Ohio Family Engagement Professional Database

Ohio is privileged to have a wide array of family-facing professionals to support families of students with disabilities and other families who may face significant challenges supporting their child’s education and well-being. These professionals all have unique services and supports for families and together, they offer a system of supports for Ohio families. This database is for facilitating the awareness and collaboration of these professionals to provide the best support for each family.

State Advisory Council

Our State Advisory Council is made up of a diverse group of representatives. This includes parents, grandparents, foster parents, adoptive parents, and other caregivers from urban, rural, and suburban areas. The council also includes middle and high school student delegates, school leaders, representatives of community organizations, and ambassadors from businesses and other community agencies. In total, there are approximately 60 members on the council.  

CARES ESC Family and Community Partnership

The aim of the Family and Community Partnership Liaison project is to build the capacity of Educational Service Center (ESC) personnel and other local education officials to identify, engage, support and ultimately meet the needs of Ohio’s most vulnerable students and their families.