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Title: Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center: In this podcast, Director Barbara Boone shares about the work of the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center at The Ohio State University. She explains our approach to family engagement in education and what schools can be doing to partner with families during the COVID-19 pandemic.
(Look for Episode 06 | Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center on this page

Title: Race in Education: In this podcast, Ohio State Support Team Region 11 consultants Ugochi Akoi and Kimberly Brown, and Dr. Kenyona Walker from the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center at The Ohio State University. discuss race and education, a historical perspective. (Look for Episode 10 | Race in Education on this page


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Engaging and Supporting Families with a Multi-Tiered Approach

Session 1: Foundations of Family Engagement by Dr. Barbara Boone (24 min)

Session 2: Partnering with Families for Success in Middle School by Hadley Bachman (21 min)

Session 3: How can Universal Design for Learning Revive our Family Engagement by Dr. Barbara Boone and Ron Rogers (30 min)

Session 4: Beyond the Headcount: Goal-linked Measurement by Drs. Barbara Boone and Meredith Wellman (27 min)

Session 5: Measuring Family Engagement: An Introduction by Dr. Amanda Klein (18 min)

Session 6: Measurement in Practice: Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Family Engagement Dashboard by Tracy Hill (23 min)

Session 7: Brief Introduction to Partnerships for Literacy, Systemic Family Engagement Practices & Examples of Home-based Literacy Supports (13 min)

Session 8: How Eakin Elementary School Supports Families During Remote Learning (3 min)

Eakin Elementary School is currently participating in a pilot program through The Ohio State University called Educators & Families for English Learners, led by Dr. Belinda Gimbert. The program’s goal is to provide research-driven professional development (PD) and coaching for pre- and in-service teachers and enhance partnerships with families to improve academic achievement of English language learners. The following 3 short video clips feature Eakin staff discussing their family engagement efforts. Two videos they created directly for families in 2020 are about Understanding Informal Assessment and Organizing Time and Space for Learning.

Session 9: How Eakin Elementary School Creates Accessible Forms and Supports for English Learner Families (6 min)

Session 10: How Eakin Elementary School Welcomes and Engages Somali Elders to Support Student Success (4 min)

Session 11: Successfully Launching Your Child’s Online Learning at Home by Hadley Bachman (58 min)

Session 12: Connecting With Schools as Kinship Caregivers by Drs. Barbara Boone and Kenyona Walker (42 min)

Session 13: Multi-tiered Systems of Support for Family Engagement by Dr. Barbara Boone and Hadley Bachman (93 minutes)