Dyslexia Communication Tools for Schools

Our Center partnered with the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio families, and educators to develop sample communication tools and guidance for schools related to Ohio’s Dyslexia Laws. These resources are aligned with Ohio’s Dyslexia Guidebook for schools, and can be copied/adapted for local use. If you would like to request additional communication tools or have questions about the existing resources, please email Dr. Meredith Wellman at Wellman.87@osu.edu.

Legally Required Communications with Families about Dyslexia & Screenings

This document contains information to help you see when communications are required with families after screening students for signs of dyslexia. The information is presented as a decision tree on page 1, and in a table format on page 2.

Sample School Year Timeline for Screenings and Diagnostics

This sample timeline is for educators planning when to administer Dyslexia Screeners and Reading Diagnostics for students in Grades K-6 for the 2023-2024 school year.

Dyslexia Resource Guide for Ohio Families

Schools can share this 3 page informational document with families of children PreK-12th grade, at any time. It answers frequently asked questions, and directs families to resources to support them and their children who might have dyslexia.

Additional Versions: Arabic | Chinese Simplified | Nepali | Somali | Spanish | View web version

Audio Versions: Arabic | Mandarin | Nepali | Somali | Spanish

Sample Dyslexia Screening Request Letter to Share with Families

Sample Parent/Caregiver Letter Schools Can Send After Dyslexia Screenings

Sample Parent/Caregiver Letters Schools Can Send to Share with Families about Tier II Dyslexia Screener Results (and if dyslexia signs are identified, next steps)

Two letter templates are offered in the downloadable document below:

Template #1: Designed to satisfy the dyslexia law communication requirements AND the Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan (RIMP) communication requirements,

Template #2: Designed to satisfy the dyslexia law communication requirements but not all of the RIMP requirements.

What is structured literacy? 1 page information sheet for families and schools

Schools are not required to use these templates. We offer them as a starting point or alternative example of how you could write your local communications.

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