Ohio’s Parent-Teacher Partnerships Model

What is the Parent Teacher Partnership Model?

The Parent-Teacher Partnership Model brings together a small group of family members and school staff a few times per year to discuss such topics as respect, communication, equality, and supporting student learning using a set of 8 suggested modules, which are listed below. Families and schools implement this model for an opportunity for honest and open, two-way communication towards school improvement and family well-being. Parents and teachers co-facilitate meetings, to model to the group that families are equal partners. This model is meant to connect with the Ohio Improvement Process and other models of school improvement being implemented in Ohio schools. The lessons learned in meetings are communicated to Teacher, Building, and Leadership Teams to shift mindsets and practices. While the modules are designed to go in order, they can be adapted and used to meet your local needs. The modules are available in English and Spanish. Within each module you will find everything you need to facilitate the session, such as slides, handouts, video clips, and feedback forms. Click on the modules below to get started.

Link to Module 1: Overview of the Parent-Teacher Partnerships Model and Kickoff
Link to Module 2: Respect and Communication
Link to Module 3: Equality and Decision-Making
Link to Module 4: Competence, Parenting, and Learning at Home
Link to Module 5: Advocacy and Collaborating with the Community
Link to Module 6: Commitment and Volunteering
Link to Module 7: Trust
Link to Module 8: Next Steps in Partnerships for Student Outcomes

Recommended Texts

While the module materials above are free to download, if you are implementing the PTP modules at a school, we highly recommend that you purchase the following 2 texts. Throughout the module slides, there are references to these texts, and recommended pages to copy and hand out to participants.

  1. Epstein, J. L., Sanders, M. G., Simon, B. S., Salinas, K. C., Jansorn, N. R., & Van Voorhis, F. L. (2002). School, family, and community partnerships: Your handbook for action. Corwin Press.
  2. Turnbull, A. A., Turnbull, H. R., Erwin, E. J., Soodak, L. C., & Shogren, K. A. (2015). Families, professionals, and exceptionality: Positive outcomes through partnerships and trust. Pearson.

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Ohio Parents and Caregivers -- Click Here to Apply to be on our Advisory Council in 2021 -- Applications Due November 26, 2020

We are now recruiting Ohio parents and caregivers of Ohio children from birth to grade 12 to be members of our advisory council beginning in January 2021!

Click here to download the English version of the application and share with families in your community.

Click here to download the Spanish version of the application and share with families in your community.

Applications are due by November 26, 2020, and can be emailed as an attachment to OhioSFEC@osu.edu.

To read more about the work of the council, visit our state advisory council web page.