Module 3: Equality and Decision-Making

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In this module, parents and teachers are introduced to the concepts of equality and decision-making. Equality is discussed as a principle for creating a foundation of partnerships, and decision-making as an effective key strategy for involving parents and families. Parent and teacher co-facilitators guide the group in a discussion based on the facilitator slides. We recommend continuing to deepen the relationships between participating teachers and family members by incorporating a “get to know you” activity, a video about the importance of equality and empowerment in decision-making, and a discussion of next steps for the school year.

Facilitator Documents

  1. PTP Mod 3 Facilitator Guide – Session Summary and Goals
  2. PTP Mod 3 Facilitator Guide – Session Materials
  3. PTP Mod 3 Facilitator Notes – Icebreakers
  4. PTP Mod 3 Facilitator PowerPoint Slides
  5. PTP Mod 3 Facilitator Notes – Session Highlights
  6. PTP Mod 3 Facilitator Notes – Implementation Checklist
  7. PTP Mod 3 Facilitator Video – Parent Involvement in Decision-Making

Participant Handouts

  1. PTP Mod 3 Participant Handout – Decision-Making Activities
  2. PTP Mod 3 Participant Handout – Equality Activities
  3. PTP Mod 3 Participant Handout – Session Feedback Form
  4. PTP Mod 3 Participant Handout – Two Heads Better than One Activity

Click here to access the module materials in Spanish.

Click here to access a zip file of all Module 3 documents.

If you have trouble accessing any of these files, email for assistance.

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