Kinship caregivers are relatives who provide care for minor children. Grandfamilies are one of the forms of kinship caregiving, where biological grand or great-grandparents provide for the care of their grandchildren.

Thank you for visiting our GrandUnderstandings Resource Hub! The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center’s GrandUnderstandings project is designed to provide resources to assist grandfamilies and the educators who support them. Click on the topics below to find grandfamily specific tools and resources.


This GrandUnderstandings infographic is a tool designed for you to use to increase your understanding of the school, community and agency resources that are available to support you as you raise your grandchild. It is available in 6 different languages below.

English, Spanish, Somali, Nepali, Chinese Simplified, Arabic

Research Brief

The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center created this research brief to increase educator’s awareness of grandfamilies. When implemented, the tips and strategies contained in this brief can increase home and school connections, a sense of belonging and the capacity of grandfamilies and educators.

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Ohio’s Grand Understandings Project

The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center’s GrandUnderstandings project is designed to provide resources to assist grandfamilies and the educators who ...
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Taking Care of Yourself While Raising Your Grandchildren

"If you suddenly find yourself raising your grandkids, you are not alone. There are 70 million grandparents living in the ...
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OhioKAN logo: OhioKAN is a new statewide program designed to help kiship and adoptibe families navigate and connect with all available resources, locally and statewide.

OhioKAN: Connecting Kinship Caregivers to Resources

Do you have grandparents or other kinship caregivers raising children in your school community who have outstanding needs? Research suggests ...
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White grandma with three white high school aged kids standing outside on a sunny day smiling and looking at the camera.

Ohio Family Story: Grandfamilies…You Are Not Alone

“I got the phone call from the hospital that my baby was born,” said Pandora Pandora, a 2-time cancer survivor ...
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Portrait Of Grandparents Sitting With Baby Granddaughter Around Table At Home

Ohio Family Story: From Grandparents to Grandfamily

This story captures the experiences of an Ohio grandfamily. Due to the sensitive nature of the story, the name Brenda ...
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The Ohio Grandparent Kinship Coalition: Virtual Support Group for Kinship Caregivers

The Ohio Grandparent Kinship Coalition is a statewide organization that provides information and networking for caregivers taking care of children ...
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Ohio's Grandfamilies: Facts and Resources

Ohio’s Grandfamilies: Facts and Resources

This Ohio Fact Sheet from (2017) provides information about the number of children in Ohio being raised by their ...
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Grandfather reading to two young grandchildren outside

AARP Guide for Grandparents Raising their Grandchildren

If you are just starting to care for a grandchild and support their education, or you have been for awhile, ...
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