Kinship caregivers are relatives who provide care for minor children. Grandfamilies are one of the forms of kinship caregiving, where biological grand or great-grandparents provide for the care of their grandchildren.

Thank you for visiting our GrandUnderstandings Resource Hub! The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center’s GrandUnderstandings project is designed to provide resources to assist grandfamilies and the educators who support them. Click on the topics below to find grandfamily specific tools and resources.


The following infographics are tools designed for you to use to increase your understanding of the school, community and agency resources that are available to support grandparents and other kinship caregivers. They are available in multiple languages below.

English, Nepali, Somali, Spanish

English, Spanish, Somali, Nepali, Chinese Simplified, Arabic

Getting to Know Your Family” Resource for Schools

This “Getting to Know Your Family” questionnaire can be used to connect to kinship families in your school. If you identify a kinship family in your school or classroom, this can be used as a conversation starter to partner with caregivers in supporting the children in their care. If schools are seeking a Google Form version of this tool, within the Word document below, there is a link to an online Google Form with the same questions.

Word Document

Research Brief

The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center created this research brief to increase educator’s awareness of grandfamilies. When implemented, the tips and strategies contained in this brief can increase home and school connections, a sense of belonging and the capacity of grandfamilies and educators.

#GrandUnderstandings Twitter Feed

#GrandUnderstandings: Did you know 239,000 children in Ohio are being raised by a relative? Check out this State Fact Sheet including statistics, programs, and supports for kinship families in Ohio by

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#TBT: In session 15 of our Leadership Summit, Angela Provenzano shared 'Engaging Grandfamilies and Kinship Caregivers' about supporting grandparents as they navigate the education system as primary caregivers. @AngelaProvenz14 #GrandUnderstandings

#GrandUnderstandings: Have you listened to @SSTRegion11’s Podcast Ep 14? Dr. Boone and Angela of @OhioEngage are featured to discuss kinship families and strategies for support in schools.
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#GrandUnderstandings: Children in grandfamilies often experience better stability, safety, and behavioral health outcomes compared to children living in non-kin foster care. Read more about how schools can support grandfamilies’ basic needs.

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Other Kinship Caregiver Resources on our Website

Ongoing Adoption and Kinship Support (OAKS): Free resources for adoptive and kinship families in Ohio

Ongoing Adoption and Kinship Support (OAKS): Free resources for adoptive and kinship families in Ohio

Adoptive and post-guardianship or kinship families face unique challenges in parenting. These families often feel alone and do not have ...
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Podcast Episode: Navigating Special Education: I don’t know what I don’t know

In this episode, we hear again from Christian Davis, a parent in Southwest Ohio, and Amy Welly, a parent in ...
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Podcast Episode: Diving in the Deep End: Family-school partnerships to address student mental health

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grandparent and grandchild hugging

Ohio District Story: Bowling Green Supports Kinship Caregivers

Over 200,000 Ohio students come from kinship families. This important population of caregivers holds families together when faced with challenges ...
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An adult helping two children bake

Webinar Recording: Kinship Connections – How schools can partner with kinship families

The following webinar (1 hour) is for schools and community partners wanting to better understand: Who kinship families are,How they ...
Read More - A National Hub of Legal Resources for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren – A National Hub of Legal Resources for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren is a national legal resource in support of grandfamilies within and outside the child welfare system. Their extensive resource ...
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Ohio Grandparent and Kinship Coalition

Ohio Grandparent/Kinship Coalition

The Ohio Grandparent Kinship Caregiver Coalition is a statewide organization that provides information and connections for kinship families. The organization ...
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