The National Network of Partnership Schools – an Evidence-Based Family Engagement Program

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Established at Johns Hopkins University in 1996, the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) invites schools, districts, states, and organizations to join together and use research-based approaches to organize and sustain excellent programs of family and community engagement that will increase student success in school.

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Our Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center team leads a network of Ohio Partnership Schools all implementing this approach and meeting regularly to share best practices and participate in advanced learning opportunities. Schools just getting started are invited to register with our network and complete a series of four learning modules. You will also be provided with coaching services.

What are the essential elements of being a Partnership School?

Each school tailors an annual partnership plan and activities to meet its learning goals for students and to meet the needs and interests of its students, parents, and teachers. Each school evaluates its efforts and continually improves the quality of its partnership program. The Partnership Schools approach includes four essential elements:

  • Action Team for Partnerships
  • Framework of Six Types of Involvement
  • One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships
  • Program Evaluation

Ohio’s Statewide Family Engagement Center selected the Partnership Schools approach to implement in 96 Ohio schools between 2020-2023, with training and technical assistance provided during that time frame by Dr. Joyce Epstein at John’s Hopkins. In addition, as of 2020 all of Ohio’s 16 regional State Support Teams have Partnership Schools Coaches who can support district/school staff wanting to learn about and/or implement the Partnership Schools approach.

Front cover of book, titled "School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Your Handbook for Action" by Joyce Epstein and Associates.

This Handbook for Action that accompanies the Partnership Schools approach is a great place to learn about research on family engagement, and how to systematically embed family engagement in education program operations.

The  4th edition is available as an e-book and print version from Corwin Press or your preferred bookseller.