Dyslexia Communication Tools for Schools

Our Center partnered with the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio families, and educators to develop sample communication tools and guidance for schools related to Ohio’s Dyslexia Laws. Thus far, our resources include the following:

  1. A flow chart showing “Legally Required Communications with Families about Dyslexia & Screenings”
  2. A Sample School Year Timeline for Screenings and Diagnostics
  3. A Dyslexia Resource Guide for Ohio Families
  4. A Sample Dyslexia Screening Request Letter to Share with Families
  5. A Sample Parent/Caregiver Letter Schools Can Send After Dyslexia Screenings
  6. A Sample Letter teachers can send to families asking for permission to conduct a screening
  7. A One-page Information Sheet about Structured Literacy for families

If you would like to request additional communication tools, share your own example letters/guidance, or have questions about the existing resources, please email Dr. Meredith Wellman at wellman.87@osu.edu.