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Issue 12, October 7, 2020

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Issue 11, September 2, 2020
Issue 10, August 5, 2020
Issue 9, July 1, 2020

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Issue 8, What Ohio Families Want to Know about Student Progress

Issue 7, What We Have Learned about Family-School Partnerships from the COVID-19 Crisis

Issue 6, Partnering with Families to Support Students’ Social-Emotional Needs

Issue 5, Supporting Families of Learners with Complex Needs

Issue 4, Supporting Parents and Caregivers for Learning at Home with their Children

Issue 3, Communicating with Groups of Families

Issue 2, Communicating with Each Family

Issue 1, Communicating with All Families

Issue 0, Launching Digital Newsletter

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Ohio Parents and Caregivers -- Click Here to Apply to be on our Advisory Council in 2021 -- Applications Due November 26, 2020

We are now recruiting Ohio parents and caregivers of Ohio children from birth to grade 12 to be members of our advisory council beginning in January 2021!

Click here to apply now or download and share the application with families in your community.

Applications are due by November 26, 2020, and can be emailed as an attachment to

To read more about the work of the council, visit our state advisory council web page.