Jesús M. Villaseñor

Headshot: Jesus Villasenor

Jesús M. Villaseñor is a Multicultural Specialist, Parent Trainer, and Advocate at the PACER Center for the past 25 years.  He conducts outreach to the Hispanic community in Minnesota and assists Hispanic/Latino families in obtaining educational, medical, social, and recreational services for their children, with and without disabilities. He also trains and supports families in understanding their educational rights in special education.  He has extensive experience training school staff, including teachers & administrators, government officials, and service providers on the specific needs of and cultural barriers faced by Hispanic students and their families in the education system. Jesus has served on many Advisory boards, including the Chicano Latino Affairs Council, Special Education Diversity Advisory Committee of the MN Department of Education; LEP/IEP Cultural Advisory for the National Center on Educational Outcomes; and the Board of Directors of Hispanic/Latino Leadership. He is also a licensed attorney in Mexico.