Elementary School – Financial Management

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Ohio Means Jobs Logo

Ohio Means Jobs – A Website for Job Hunting

We know that many Ohio parents, caregivers, and students are unemployed right now. If you have not already, this is ...
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Money Smart Week logo featuring Benjamin Franklin's winking face

National “Money Smart Week” Resources to help kids learn about money

The Money Smart Week organization empowers families with the knowledge and skills to make good financial decisions when it comes ...
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Stable Account Icon

STABLE accounts for Individuals with Disabilities

A STABLE account is an investment account available to eligible individuals with disabilities. STABLE accounts allow individuals to save and ...
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child with a physical disability shopping with his family

Why should I teach my child to save money at a young age?

Between the ages of 6 and 12, you can help children absorb rules of thumb and day-to-day habits that shape ...
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Front Page of Money Smart Report for Grades PreK-2

How to Talk to your Child about Money

This Money Smart guide is for parents and caregivers of children in grades Pre-K–2. Discussing money early in a child’s ...
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