What are other options for students with disabilities

  • Among other options like residential schools, alternative schools, trade schools, vocational rehabilitation programs, and the Department of Developmental Disability centers, students with disabilities in Ohio have two more scholarships to help pay for a registered private provider or alternative public provider.
  • Students who decide to access special education services through either scholarship program have many changes to their rights. They are not entitled to a “free and appropriate education” (FAPE) and related provisions for students with disabilities, and students are subject to the rules and policies for behavior of the service provider without rights to a manifestation determination. For more information about how receiving a scholarship affects FAPE, select the button below.
  • Students with autism are eligible for both the Jon Peterson scholarship and the Autism scholarship, but may only accept one.
  • Students who have other disabilities are eligible for the Jon Peterson scholarship.
  • Your child’s disability is determined through the evaluation team report (ETR) process, which is completed by your home district. Your home district will also write the annual Individualized Education Program (IEP).

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