Emily Campbell, Cincinnati Public Schools

Emily Campbell is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Cincinnati Public Schools, a 36,000 plus urban public in the state of Ohio. In this time, she has led the department to adopt an accelerated learning mindset so that all children, regardless of circumstances, access high quality, on grade level curriculum and instruction. She took on the charge of Unbound Ed that the very first charge in doing this was adopting a curriculum. Since 2018, her team has worked collaboratively with the Board of Education and CFT to adopt a Social Studies, Fine Arts, PE, Health Wellness, ELA and Mathematics Curriculum.

Previously, Emily was the Mathematics Curriculum Manager for CPS. During her time in this position, she began working with Cincinnati Children’s with the Science of Quality of Improvement. Through this partnership, Cincinnati Public made a commitment to use QI to understand if small tests of change were an improvement to the overall system and spread valid, reliable plans accordingly.

Prior to her role as Mathematics Curriculum Manager, Emily served as an instructional coach. During this time, she had a few Battelle for Kids sessions where she unpacked what Value Added was and how she and her team could use this information to improve instruction.

Emily began her career in education as a middle school mathematics and science teacher. During her 13 years in the classroom she taught several grades and served on various leadership teams both in and out of the classroom. She has been recognized as Teacher of the Year twice.