Changes to Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee for the 2023-24 School Year

Is your child entering 3rd or 4th grade in Fall 2023?

There are changes for Ohio schools that may affect you. This school year, your child will not be held back in 3rd grade if they did not pass the 3rd grade reading test. All schools must promote children to 4th grade. But, as parents and guardians, you still have the power to work with the school to decide what would be best for your child’s education.

We encourage all parents/guardians of children in 3rd and 4th grade affected by this change to talk with your child’s teacher or principal.

Here are a few questions you might ask the school:

  1. “The school was originally planning to hold my child back in 3rd grade for the 2023-24 school year. However, I heard that under Ohio’s House Bill 33, schools are now required to promote all children to 4th grade regardless of their reading scores. I’d like to make sure I get all of the correct information to prepare my child for school. Can you provide me with some information about the new plan for my child this year?”
  2. “My child did not pass the 3rd grade reading test. What will the school be doing to teach my child so that they get on track for reading?” Here are some potential follow-up questions:
    • “Who will be my child’s teacher(s) in fourth grade for the required 90+ minutes of daily reading instruction, including intensive instructional support?”
    • “The school created a Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan (RIMP) for my child in 3rd grade. Given the state’s requirement to continue this monitoring in 4th grade, I’d like to work closely with you, and be part of your discussions about what to try next, given that my child is not reading at their grade level yet. Let’s set up regular meetings where I can look at the information you are collecting about my child’s progress. If I have that information, I can be more helpful at home.”
    • “Does the school provide any tutoring or recommendations for tutors outside of school hours?”
  3. “What can I do to support my child with learning to read outside of school hours, given their specific reading skill development needs?”

More information and the exact legal language can be found on the Ohio Department of Education’s website about the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.