Private school information


Private on nonpublic schools have an application process and may choose to accept or deny students who apply.

Often students will need to fill out an application, write an essay (depending on age), provide reference letters, and complete an interview.


Private schools may set academic or behavioral requirements in order to attend.

How to choose this type of school

Contact the enrollment coordinator at the school you are interested in.

For information on private schools in Ohio, visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website

for visiting Private Schools


Private schools usually begin enrolling in the late winter and early spring before the next fall’s school year.


Students enrolled in nonpublic or community schools may be entitled to pupil transportation services from their public school district of residence.

Upon enrollment in a nonpublic or community school, the parent/guardian should contact the transportation department of the public school district in which they reside. A written request is strongly suggested. Without this initial contact, the public school district will not have any knowledge of the student’s transportation needs.