Private Schools Information

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  • Private or nonpublic schools have an application process. This means they may choose to accept or deny students who apply.
  • Often students need to fill out an application, write an essay (depending on age), provide reference letters, and complete an interview.
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  • Private schools may set academic or behavioral requirements in order to attend.
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How to choose this type of school

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  • Private schools usually begin enrolling in the late winter and early spring before the next fall’s school year.
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  • Students enrolled in nonpublic or community schools may be entitled to pupil transportation services from their public school district of residence.
  • Upon enrollment in a nonpublic or community school, the parent or guardian should contact the transportation department of the public school district in which they live. A written request is strongly suggested. Without this first contact, the public school district will not know about the student’s transportation needs.

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