Intradistrict Open Enrollment Information


  • Each school district decides its own enrollment process.
  • Even if a school district is not on this list, local policies may allow your child to attend. Contact the school district you are interested in for more information.


  • Some of these districts may only enroll students from districts near theirs.
  • Some schools have a neighborhood feeder pattern. This means that enrolled students or those who live inside the school zone may be selected before new applicants.

How to choose this type of school

  • Enroll your child at the enrollment office for the district you live in. (Note: You will need to bring a picture ID for you and your child’s birth certificate, passport, or I-94. You will also need immunization records and two items that prove where you live.)
  • School districts do not have to accept students through open enrollment. They can refuse to enroll any student for any reason.
  • Each school district has different enrollment policies and procedures. Contact your school district for more information.


  • Each school district sets its own deadlines.


  • Families are responsible for transportation if the child lives outside the open enrollment district.
  • Talk with the enrollment office about any school transportation the district may be able to offer.

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