What is family engagement?

Families, education programs, and community partners working together to help children and youth learn, grow and prepare for their future is called family engagement.

COMING SOON! Ohio’s Statewide Family Engagement Center is supporting The Ohio Department of Education in developing a brand-new framework for schools, families, and community partners on what family engagement looks like in Ohio and how to do it well.

By January 1, 2020, we are committed to: 1. Establishing a definition of family engagement with expertise and meaningful input from the field; 2. Developing and deploying a birth to graduation family engagement framework developed in collaboration with a coalition of state agencies and partners and driven by meaningful stakeholder input; and 3. Establishing an aligned and sustainable technical assistance response to support local agencies in this work.

Our State Advisory Council and many other state/regional/school stakeholders have been helping us to develop this framework with The Ohio Department of Education.

Join the National Alliance for Family Engagement to learn more about what family engagement is and how to talk about it with others.

Want to jump in somewhere now to learn about family engagement? Start with this guide for school leaders on high quality family engagement!

Ohio Parents and Caregivers -- Click Here to Apply to be on our Advisory Council in 2020 -- Applications Due November 1, 2019

We are now recruiting Ohio parents and caregivers of Ohio children from birth to grade 12 to be members of our advisory council beginning in January 2020!

Click here to apply now or download and share the application with families in your community.

Applications are due by November 1, 2019, and can be emailed as an attachment to OhioSFEC@osu.edu.

To read more about the work of the council, visit our state advisory council web page.