Neighborhood school information


Your child must be enrolled in kindergarten by the year the child is 6. All Ohio children must attend a kindergarten program. If your child is 5 by either August 1 or September 30 of the school year (depending on the school), your child may attend school.


Living within the boundaries of the neighborhood school is the only attendance requirement.

The child’s residence must be listed as the custodial parent or guardian’s address. You may not use the address of other family members.

How to choose this type of school

Enroll your child at the enrollment office for the district you live in. Bring picture ID for you and your child’s birth certificate, passport, or I-94. You will also need immunization records and two items proving where you live.

Each school district has slightly unique enrollment requirements and procedures, so always check with the district or school first.


Schools must bus students in grades K-8 who live farther than two miles from the school. Bus stops can be located up to 1/2 mile away from the student’s home.

Learn more at the Ohio Department of Education’s page on kindergarten.