Middle & High School – Transitions

The resources below are about how you, your child’s school, and community partners can support a smooth transition for your child from program to program, grade to grade, school to school, and/or after graduation!

National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement Logo

Opportunities for Family, School, and Community Engagement within the American Rescue Plan

The National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement offers ideas for incorporating family engagement into district and school plans ...
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Black college student outside creating 'O' from Ohio with her arms

College Tours for Tweens

Did you know that middle school is a great time for kids to start thinking about future plans? One of ...
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Photo of hand holding a pencil in front of a math test

What Tests Will My Child be Taking This Year?

Do you have questions about the tests your child will take this year? Visit this helpful guide from the Ohio ...
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Blog: College and Beyond

Blog: College and Beyond

"For many years...Dan Bisig has been providing timely advice to parents and students about college scholarships, career identification, college selection, ...
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InspirED Virtual Learning Series logo

InspirEd Virtual Learning Series for Families and Schools

This virtual learning series by OCALI and the Ohio Department of Education includes sessions on: setting up a learning environment ...
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back to school with a stack of books

Option A, B, or C? A Back to School Planning Tool for Families

The “Back to School Planning Tool” gives your family an organized space to write in your plans for supporting your ...
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survey tool for families to use to make decisions about their child going back to school

Back to School Decision-Making Tool from CDC

This three page survey for families from the CDC walks you through questions about many aspects of returning to school ...
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