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A student seated at a school desk with an open binder

Partnering with Families through Student-Led Conferences

In many schools and districts, like Cleveland Metro Schools in Ohio, educators are transforming teacher-led parent-teacher conferences in favor of ...
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Welcome Walk Through Toolkit

Walk-Through Toolkit for Schools: What does it mean to be a “Welcoming School”?

This toolkit covers four components of a welcoming school atmosphere. By assessing a school's atmosphere in these critical areas, schools ...
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The Pathway from Fortress School to Partnership School

Prezi: The Pathway from Fortress School to Partnership School

How does a school move from a negative environment for family and community partners to one that is more positive ...
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Creating Great Meetings for Schools and Families cover

Great Meetings for Schools and Families: A Professional Resource for School Staff

Over the years we have heard families say, coming into meetings can be intimidating and overwhelming resulting in team members ...
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Build Trust with Families Through Attendance Letters

Every school in Ohio sends letters home to families every year. One such letter received by families lets a family ...
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Equity Matters Engaging Families Through Home Visits

Equity Matters: Engaging Families Through Home Visits (webinar)

Educators discuss family engagement as one of many keys to student success. Find out how to implement home visits as ...
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Cover of Book "Exchange to Engage" by Rachel Kimbrow

Recommended Reading: The Guide to Engaging Diverse Communities Through Language Exchange

In this book, Rachel Kimbrow provides access to tools and examples of how to arrange a "language exchange" for families ...
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Jhuma Acharya, a member of our State Advisory Council

Ohio Community Partner Story: The vital role of cultural brokers for strong family-school partnerships

Jhuma Acharya (red sweater) at our 2019 State Advisory Council Meeting The following text is from an interview with Jhuma ...
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