Example Ohio Parent’s List: Specific Signs of Dyslexia for my Child

We spoke with an Ohio mother and special education teacher in July 2022. She shared with us a few of the differences she has seen in the way her own child with dyslexia processes and learns.

  • Prefers audio/video to print
  • Sees organization in chaos
  • Confuses left and right
  • Makes up words
  • Flips words in sentences
  • Cannot copy or mimic movements
  • Makes up own writing/language
  • Struggles with rhyming
  • Alliteration is difficult, does not work as a memory trick/cue
  • Puts things in order backwards/mixed up
  • Mishears words in lyrics, poems, conversation
  • Hears things in reverse, like 911, 199.
  • Dislikes school out of nowhere when increased reading/writing activities are introduced