Elementary School – Communication with Schools

Thank you for visiting our Communications with Schools Resources Hub. Click on the Resources below to learn more about how you can communicate well with your child’s school! You can also click the search button at the top and type in a topic you are interested in. Have questions? Contact us at OhioSFEC@osu.edu.

a black family with three children and three adults

Info Brief: The Power of Cultural Brokers to Build Partnerships with All Families

Reaching and partnering with the families of all students can be difficult. Research supports the role of cultural brokers as ...
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Cover of A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education. Special Education Procedural Safeguards Notice April 2017 Ohio Department of Education

Ohio’s Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education (Available in 13 languages)

This guide by the Ohio Department of Education can help parents and caregivers understand your rights and your child’s rights ...
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Ohio's Dispute Resolution Processes Information Chart

Ohio’s Dispute Resolution Process Helps Schools and Families Resolve Differences When Supporting Students with Disabilities

Situations may arise where parents or other family members believe a school has violated federal or state law. In these ...
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Older white woman standing while talking on the phone with text from the conversation on the side

Conversation Starters to Use With Your Child’s Teachers

In this resource from Understood.org, you can find samples of how to have effective conversations with your children's teachers about ...
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Talking Points: A Free App Teachers and Families Can Use to Translate their Text Messages Back and Forth

Two-way communication between families and schools is extremely important. To ensure that all families can understand and benefit from school ...
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teacher with child wearing headphones and using a tablet

Guidance for Families of Children Learning English – How to Make Sure Your Child has the Resources They Need in the Classroom

This toolkit from the Improving Instruction Project has resources for families of children who are learning English. The guides for ...
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Intentional Partnerships Podcast

Intentional Partnerships Podcast

"Each episode of the Intentional Partnerships Podcast offers an on-the-ground perspective from real people exploring their shared values around family ...
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Fact Sheet for non English proficient families

Fact Sheet: Info for Families with Limited English Language Proficiency and for School Staff who Communicate with Them (Available in 11 Languages)

This fact sheet answers common questions about the rights of parents and guardians who do not speak, listen, read, or ...
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