EdChoice Scholarship Information


The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program is a special program for students in designated public schools. It allows these students the option to attend a participating private school. The program also gives scholarships to kindergarten through 12th grade students, depending on how much money their family earns. The scholarship amount is $6165 for grades K–8 and $8407 for grades 9-12.

Traditional vs. Expansion

Traditional – The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program allows students from designated public schools to attend participating private schools. For a list of eligibility requirements, click the button below:

Expansion – If you do not meet the criteria for the EdChoice Scholarship program, you may eligible for the expansion scholarship if you meet the following criteria:

• Student does not live in the Cleveland Municipal School District; and
• Submit household income for verification.

How to Apply:

There are several steps families will need to take to apply for an EdChoice scholarship.

Step 1: Check if You Qualify
If your family is interested in the EdChoice Scholarship program, check if you meet the requirements first.

Step 2: Find a School
Once you know your child can get the EdChoice Scholarship, you need to find a private school that is part of the program. Your child must be accepted into that school and after that, the school will help you apply for the scholarship.

To find a participating private school (also called a “provider”), follow the directions on the Ohio Department of Education dashboard to pick the EdChoice Scholarship. Choose your county from the menu on the Provider Search Page and hit the Search Button. You should now see a list of private schools on the EdChoice program. To get a specific private school’s phone number and address, click on the magnifying glass icon next to the school’s name. You can also check out an interactive list of providers.

Step 3: Apply for the Scholarship
Once the private school accepts your child, they’ll ask you to complete a Scholarship Request Form. You’ll also need to show them your current address and your child’s birth certificate. The private school will do the rest of the work by sending in the EdChoice application for your child using their secure online system.

You can also check if your family’s income meets the requirements for the scholarship. You can find these requirements in the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If you qualify for a low-income status, you might need to go through an income verification process. Renewing EdChoice Expansion families won’t need to do this yearly, but new applicants might. You don’t need income verification if you’re going for a Traditional EdChoice scholarship.

Step 4: Verify Your Income
The Department has an online system called the Scholarship Income Verification System. It’s a way for families to enter their income information and supporting documents electronically. You can add details about your household members and income and then upload your income documents directly to the online system. This helps the Scholarship office check if your income matches the requirements.

Learn all the details at the Ohio Department of Education’s website.

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