Different school in your district information


There is usually separate lottery or application paperwork, along with all of the paperwork needed for your neighborhood school.

Your child may need to complete testing or other requirements for a magnet school.

Contact your school district for more information.


Acceptance may take place through a lottery or selective admissions.

If the school has a neighborhood feeder pattern, students who are already enrolled or living in the attendance region of the school may be given preference over new applicants.

How to choose this type of school

Enroll your child at the enrollment office for the district you live in. Bring picture ID for you and your child’s birth certificate, passport, or I-94. You will also need immunization records and two items proving where you live.

Complete the addtional lottery or selective admissions application.

Each school district has slightly unique enrollment requirements and procedures, so always check with the district or school first.


Each school district sets its own deadlines.


Schools must bus students in grades K-8 who live farther than two miles from the school. Bus stops can be located up to 1/2 mile away from the student’s home.