Video Tutorials for Education Apps and Services for Families (Available in Multiple Languages)

Google File with cells containing links to video tutorials about logging in and using apps such as google drive, google classroom, google meet, and more.

One way to equip families and students with the tools they need to succeed in a virtual or blended learning environment this school year is to provide families with short video tutorials along with written instructions for them to easily access the online education apps and services being used in their child’s school. Below is a link to a google file that is organized in a really nice way with example tutorials already included. The first tab of the google file has all google apps, and the second tab contains tutorials for non-google apps.

Individual teachers or, better yet, the school as a whole can make a copy of this google file and work together to tailor the tutorials to include the apps and services families and students will need to know about. This process, in an ideal world, would spur important conversations for your school team about opportunities to streamline the number of apps and services families need to be able to log into across teachers and grade levels.

This blog entry from Immigrant Connections has tutorials in many different languages beyond English and Spanish.

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