Partnerships for Literacy: A research-based family engagement strategy for schools

Partnerships for Literacy is an academic intervention for literacy that schools in Ohio can implement! It helps schools provide opportunities for all families to be engaged with supporting their child’s literacy development. It is a process that schools use to improve their student’s early literacy skills through development of new and improved family and community engagement strategies. Partnerships for Literacy is a systematic approach to family and community engagement that is sustained over time, goal oriented, and develops the capacity of both educators and family members. Partnerships for Literacy was developed by the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center. Materials are available in other languages, so that a representative set of families can participate on a Partnerships for Literacy team at your school. All of Ohio’s State Support Team offices have at least 1 coach trained to support Partnerships for Literacy in Ohio schools. In addition, in Fall 2020, coaches in 7 rural Ohio districts began to receive training to implement Partnerships for Literacy.

The intended result is improved home and school supports and resources for language and literacy development for young students through:

  • the implementation of a locally developed plan, aligned with the school’s reading plan and linking to community resources,
  • a sustainable, representative, family-teacher team that is linked to the school’s building leadership team and focused on the needs of all families through family and community engagement practices, and
  • teachers who practice more effective family engagement.

In the video below, you can listen to Partnerships for Literacy developer Dr. Barbara Boone talk about how the Partnerships for Literacy process builds systemic family engagement practices, and research on home-based literacy supports.

Want to learn more? Schools can reach out to your regional State Support Team, call or email us at the Statewide Family Engagement Center, or see more information below.

Download our marketing flyers about Partnerships for Literacy!

Schools within the following districts in Ohio are currently implementing Partnerships for Literacy:

  1. Canton
  2. Cincinnati
  3. Dayton
  4. Edison
  5. Fairfield
  6. Garfield Heights
  7. Lancaster
  8. Madison
  9. Milton-Union
  10. New Lexington
  11. Niles
  12. Perkins
  13. Ridgedale
  14. Riverside
  15. Strasburg-Franklin
  16. Streetsboro
  17. Swanton
  18. Switzerland of Ohio
  19. Union Local
  20. Wellington Exempted Village
  21. Wellston
  22. Western
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