Interactive Quizzes and Activities to help you and your children develop a “growth mindset” about learning and life

Growth Mindset logo of light bulb in dirt with plants growing out of it

“Your child is learning from you all the time – and the way you talk about learning can help make them even smarter. Our attitudes about learning – called “mindsets” – have a profound impact on how our children learn, their attitudes about making mistakes, and their self-confidence. A positive “growth mindset” will help your child succeed in the classroom and in life.” (Source: Learning Heroes Website).

First, we encourage you to watch this video of Dr. Carol Dweck below to understand the power of a growth mindset. Then, using the interactive resources from the Learning Heroes website, quiz yourself on whether or not you have a fixed or growth mindset and learn new ideas for incorporating more growth mindset into your family’s life.

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