Dr. Dawn Williams, Cincinnati Public Schools

Dawn Williams, PhD, is the Curriculum Manager of Mathematics with Cincinnati Public Schools where mathematics is a social justice issue. Dawn has been a high school mathematics educator with Cincinnati Public Schools for over ten years and a proud alumni of CPS. She has served as a high school administrator as well as an Assistant Principal of Instruction for CPS where her leadership has emphasized strong collaboration and servant leadership.

She leads by doing and recognizes that “teamwork makes the dreamwork.”  Dawn has earned her Master’s Degree in Education with a specialization in Curriculum & Instruction as well as an EdS and PhD in Educational Leadership.  Equity and access for all students is embedded in everything she does. As the Curriculum Manager of Mathematics, Dawn has successfully led the K-12 Curriculum adoption, Distance Learning Summer Program for all high school students during the summer of Covid 19 & co-founded the “Justice In The Details” podcast which has sparked a variety of courageous conversations around the district.

Lastly, she continues to champion Culturally Responsive Teaching throughout the district so that all students have an opportunity to have a relationship with a warm demander.

Dawn believes that we have a responsibility to meet all students where they are and provide them equitable opportunities for success so that they can realize their full potential.