The following Partnerships for Literacy series documents are for Ohio’s regional Family Engagement Leads:

Training Calendar
P4L Training Dates for Regional Leads 2019-20

Tools for working with Schools
P4L Focused Discussions Facilitator Guide – This guide is for Regional Family Engagement Leads who want to introduce this process to school leadership. Through a series of four focused discussions, regional staff work with the school to prime them for forming a P4L team, inventorying their practices, and developing action steps connected to their schoolwide reading plan.

Electronic P4L Binder

Our team provided a binder of resources for this work to each Regional Family Engagement Lead.

An electronic version of the binder, including translated and accessible versions of documents, are below.

1. P4L Binder Cover Page
2. P4L Binder Contents Overview Page
3. P4L Snapshot of Practices in the Inventory    Additional Versions: Large Print Version   Screen Reader Accessible Version
4. P4L Building a team
5. P4L Overview   Additional Versions: Spanish  Arabic  Chinese (Traditional)   Chinese (Simplified)Somali   Large Print
6. P4L Family Engagement for Early Literacy Inventory  Additional Versions: (NEW!Screen-Reader Accessible)   Spanish  Arabic  Chinese (Traditional)  Chinese (Simplified)
7. P4L Focused Discussions with Families
8. P4L Creating a Plan
9. P4L Binder Last Pg Disclaimer and Reference

If you have any questions about the Partnerships for Literacy work, please contact Meredith Wellman or Barbara Boone ( or

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