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Before...Meetings in school. After...Meeting families where they are. Let's change the way we think about family engagement.

Toolkit: How to “Reframe” family engagement in your communications

After three years of research, 72 focused interviews, and more than 6,000 participants, the research conducted by FrameWorks Institute provides ...
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Cover of Family Guides for 2020-21 Student Achievement Partners Seek Common Ground

Quick Family Guides: Grade Level Expectations for K-5 (Available in English & Spanish)

These family guides from Seek Common Ground can help you as a parent/caregiver understand more about what your child should ...
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Front page of COVID-19 Resources for Families

Videos and Resources: Tackling Coronavirus (COVID-19) Together – Resources for Families (Available in English, Spanish, Mam, and Tagalog)

Abriendo Puertas has put together a video series and information sheets for families in English, Spanish, Mam, and Tagalog, along ...
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Hawaii 2020 Family Engagement Guide for Educators

“Virtual Family Engagement” Toolkit for Educators

This support guide developed by the Hawaii Statewide Family Engagement Center is designed to provide a foundation on how to ...
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Chart of hardware and online tools for education

Video Tutorials for Education Apps and Services for Families (Available in Multiple Languages)

One way to equip families and students with the tools they need to succeed in a virtual or blended learning ...
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Dr. Cherng

Article: How Discrimination Shapes Parent-Teacher Communication

Dr. Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng This article from The Atlantic discusses Dr. Cherng's research on teachers' communication practices with families. "Relying ...
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Sample End of Year Letter to Inform Families of their Child's Progress

Sample End of Year Letter to Inform Families of their Child’s Progress

Highland Elementary School in Sylvania, OH sent parents and caregivers personalized letters with specific feedback about their child's progress, areas ...
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Understanding Families: Resources for Home Visits

Understanding Families: Resources for Home Visits

One very powerful way to listen and learn about families as educators is to conduct home visits. Many educators in ...
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