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Research Brief: Partnering with Families Through Special Education

This paper written by Ohio’s Statewide Family Engagement Center has seven research-based strategies for educators about partnering with families through Special Education. The brief summarizes the findings of 30 research studies and also incorporates...

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Free Online Positive Parenting Program for Ohio Families (Triple P)

Triple P, or “Positive Parenting Program,” is a free online program for parents and caregivers in Ohio with children and young adults. It is very easy and fast to enroll. The course gives parents...


Podcast Episode: Diving in the Deep End: Family-school partnerships to address student mental health

In this debut episode of Family-to-Family, we hear from three families as they share their experiences recognizing and responding to their child’s mental health needs in partnership with their school. Amy Welly, Michelle Tuite,...

Ohio School Story: Family Resource Center + Family Liaisons = Amazing Engagement Outcomes

For more Ideas for Innovation to Support Student Wellness collected by the Ohio Department of Education, follow this link.