Sample Family Request Letter for Special Education Evaluation from a School

Families can send letters or emails to their child’s teacher or principal to request a special education evaluation. Here is a sample letter you can use.

Dear (Teacher or Principal’s name),

I would like to request comprehensive educational testing for my child ________________ who is in _____ grade at __________________school.

I would like a full evaluation with testing for learning disabilities. I request my child be tested in all suspected areas of disability, including the areas of auditory processing, executive function, OT, speech and language and a reading disability.  (add any specific disability here)

I understand I need to sign a consent form so the school can conduct the evaluation.  If I do not hear from you in three business days I will call to set up a time to sign the consent form.

I request I have a chance to review the result and ask any questions I have with the evaluator prior to the meeting.

I understand the school system has 60 days to complete testing and hold a meeting to discuss eligibility. I look forward to meeting with you on this date.


(your name)


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