Changes to the Third Grade Reading Guarantee in 2022: What Families Need to Know

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In December 2021, Ohio’s Governor passed emergency legislation so that kids scoring below grade level in reading will not be held back from fourth grade solely based on a score on an assessment unless their parent or guardian, principal, and reading teacher all agree to have them repeat the 3rd grade. Parents/guardians can insist on promoting their child to the 4th grade, even if the school does not think it is what is best for the child.

For most children, staying in the same grade for multiple years is not what is best for them socially or academically. To read more about what the research says about having children repeat a grade, click here.

What You Can Expect From Your School

Your school will notify you if your child scores below 683 on the Ohio State Test for Grade 3 English Language Arts. The notification will include a plan to improve your child’s reading. If the information in the plan is not clear to you, ask your child’s school to meet to talk with you about the plan in more detail. Most schools will have information on the specific skills your child is working on learning, like recognizing letters and the sounds they make. You should feel welcome to share your own ideas and strategies for helping your child learn to read, which can be added to the plan.

You are allowed to disagree with your child’s Principal or Teacher. You should listen to their reasoning, and also consider what your child’s experience will be like if they are held back or promoted to the next grade level. Your perspective and your child’s perspective matters.

The button below will take you to the Ohio Department of Education’s information about the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

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