Budgeting Blog: Family budgeting for a more secure future

How can I make a simple budget for my family?

In this blog by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you will be introduced to many core ideas about budgeting, and provided with a Budget Worksheet. Budgeting helps families set and reach financial goals. By figuring out the amount of money you have available to save and invest using a budget, your family can set aside money each month for goals like retirement and paying for your family’s shorter term education, health, and bonding experience expenses. Consider creating a budget as a family!

“I often consider how far I would be in life if only someone would have shared financial nuggets with me as I was growing up. If I knew then what I know now. I have had my share of financial pits that I dug for myself that, in some cases, I am still climbing out of. That’s why I believe it is vital to share financial guidance, tips and pointers to kids, teenagers and young adults…”

Dr. Evelyn Tolliver in her book, “The Parent’s Guide to Money: Lessons Our Parents Never Taught Us”

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