STEM and SEL: A Formula to Enrich At-Home Learning

For a long time, advocates of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education have worked to bring STEM learning closer to students’ lives outside of school. This year, though, COVID-19 has made STEM learning a part of students’ lives outside of school – and in the home – in ways nobody ever imagined or necessarily wanted. The move to at-home school abruptly placed parents/caregivers and their children into a new teacher-student relationship with little guidance in how to make it all work at home. Though stressful and disruptive, this shift in roles can also open teacher-parents and student-children to new possibilities for growth and learning in both academic and personal realms. At-home STEM education, in fact, can pair interestingly and richly with social-emotional learning (SEL) to become a vehicle for promoting connectedness and resilience among family members, a good thing for all in a time when tragedy and hardship have touched everyone. Learn about how organizations in the U.S. have promoted social emotional growth within STEM learning at the website.

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