Toolkit: How to “Reframe” family engagement in your communications

After three years of research, 72 focused interviews, and more than 6,000 participants, the research conducted by FrameWorks Institute provides clear recommendations on how to talk about family engagement so that people will understand it, value it, and support it.


The National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement (NAFSCE), recently partnered with the FrameWorks Institute to do groundbreaking research on how the public thinks about family engagement. They created a toolkit to help those working in schools and other organizations to reframe their communications. At the heart of this work are some key recommendations, which can be seen in the graphic below:

At the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center, our hope is that all Ohio schools and organizations across sectors such as education, health, and well-being who work with students and families will adopt the Space Launch metaphor (as we have done in our website video, for example) to explain the importance of working together to launch student success. There is power in using a common metaphor across organizations – and this one is research-tested and highly effective.

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