Ohio Regional Story: Talk First Stark encourages “language nutrition” as the foundation of healthy growth and brain development

The Ohio Department of Education’s State Support Team 9 has been working in collaboration with Great Start for Great FuturesTalk First Stark to encourage “language nutrition” as the foundation of healthy growth and brain development for families with children from Prenatal to age 3.

Language Nutrition means feeding young children’s brains with loving words through responsive interactions.

In fall 2019, Talk First Stark engaged in community conversation with the support of the Medicine Center Pharmacy through a four-part live radio show series on WHBC 1480 AM entitled “Health Matters” that was also accessible via blog, podcast and Facebook.  Talk First Stark was able to educate the community on the importance and impact of language nutrition and strategies for helping families and caregivers intentionally build language into their day to day interactions with children.  

The Four episodes of the Health Matters Radio Show and Blog featuring State Support Team 9 experts were recorded and can be accessed via the following links:

Episode #1 – Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher. Listen to “It Starts with You”

Episode #2 – The brain is the only organ not fully developed at birth. Listen to “Brainology with Great Start for Great Futures”

Episode #3– Babies and young children need lots of loving words to grow healthy brains. Listen to “Helping Children Realize Their Potential for a Great Future”

Episode #4– The language shared in the early years of a child’s life provides a strong foundation for both academic and social-emotional growth and learning. Listen to “From Surviving to Thriving: We ALL Have a Role”

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