Recommended Reading: Effective Family Engagement in High School

The Flamboyan Foundation has a series of articles about family engagement in the high school years.

“Adolescence. It’s a time of significant change for students. Their brains are changing – as are their hormones! And, they are preparing to manage their success and future more independently. It’s also a time of change for educators and families. As high schoolers mature, they take on coaching roles to help students learn to manage their own activities and advocate for themselves, in the hopes that they can operate autonomously by the time they strike out on their post-secondary paths. At Flamboyan, we have seen – and research shows – that families play five essential roles in support of their children’s education: communicating high expectations, monitoring their child’s performance, supporting learning at home, guiding their child’s education, and advocating for their child. Our work is grounded in helping educators support families to play these roles effectively.”

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