Family Engagement as a Critical Practice for Anti-bias Education: Training for Schools from

This self-guided learning website for educators from includes many resources.

“Learning for Justice provides a range of materials—articles, modules, self-assessments, publications and more—that allow educators to improve their practice at their own pace.”

  • Instruction: A robust toolbox of instructional strategies can help educators create classroom environments that reflect and honor diverse identities.
  • Classroom Culture: From classroom setup to responsive behavior management that focuses on human development, a thoughtful classroom culture is key to strong relationships and student success.
  • School Climate: A school community where everyone feels safe, respected and engaged prepares students for life in a diverse and democratic society.
  • Family and Community Engagement: Respectful and productive relationships with families improve the lives of teachers and students.
  • Teacher Leadership: Teacher leaders continually reflect on their practice, share expertise with peers and inspire change in their schools.
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