Ohio School Story: Harmon Middle School’s Counselor Supports Families During the Pandemic

The counselor at Harmon Middle School in Pickerington Local Schools gathered resources for families to promote the well-being of their children at home. The website is easy to navigate and focuses on supporting families’ most pressing needs.

For example:

  • childcare for essential employees, 
  • unemployment assistance and employment opportunities, 
  • food assistance opportunities through the school district and local community resources such as restaurants offering free meals, food banks, and blessing box locations, 
  • link to the school nurse’s web page for health assistance,
  • 24/7 mental health counseling contact information, wellness kit, virtual calming room, and other mental health support resources,
  • advice and discussion prompts for how to talk about feelings about Coronavirus with kids
  • and technology support resources through the school, information about how to access free WiFi and free printing.
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