National “Money Smart” Resources

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The Money Smart Week organization empowers people with the knowledge and skills to make good financial decisions when it comes to saving, spending, borrowing and planning.

Visit their website to learn about national programs you can bring to your local community.

For Example:

  • “The Money Smart Piggy Bank Challenge is a fun, creative way to educate elementary school students about smart money choices. Kids are encouraged to make saving money a rewarding and personal experience by designing their own piggy bank. Money-smart lessons, tailored to the age group, accompany the program materials.” Learn More
  • “The Money Smart Bike Bash is designed to get adults and kids on a financial fact-finding roll and promote awareness of Money Smart Week.” Learn More
  • “Twenty-first century scavenger hunts are digital. Money Smart GeoCache for College Cash contest is an exciting and interactive social activity held during the month of April that is designed to spark dialogue among college students about financial decision-making. It’s this easy: Host an event where students read 7 personal finance posters, scan a QR code on their smartphone, and answer 7 quiz questions to test their new personal finance wiz! There is a national $500 prize offered to one lucky participant.” Learn More
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