Resources for Schools to Strategically Engage Community Partners

Coalition for Community Schools and Institute for Educational Leadership logos.

In Ohio, charter schools are often called community schools. In many other states, “community school” has a different meaning. The Coalition for Community Schools promotes a model for schools where they form close ties with community partners, where schools become a hub for the community with services in the school building, coordination of partners, supports during out of school time hours, and a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Schools looking to make more strategic decisions about their community partnerships, or looking for ideas about how to make their school a hub for the community can visit the Coalition for Community Schools website. Historically, schools using the Community Schools Model as a school improvement strategy have drawn on 21st Century Community Learning Center funding, Title I and III funding, and other state, local district, and community partner funding to hire a resource coordinator and increase the number of resources available at the school for families and students.

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