Ohio Fatherhood Commission – Fact Sheets and Brochures about Being an Engaged Father

Ohio Fatherhood Commission logo.

The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood has many digital and printable brochures and fact-sheets for fathers, on topics like:

  • 100 Free Things to do with Your Child
  • Ohio’s Funded Fatherhood Programs
  • Are You Ready to be a Dad?
  • 10 Ways a Father-2-Be Can Help
  • Father Absence in Ohio
  • 10 Free Ways to be a Good Dad
  • 10 Child Support Facts for Fathers

And many more issues including: Domestic Violence, Incarceration, and Infant Mortality. The Commission is housed within the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Their mission is to enhance the well-being of Ohio’s children by providing opportunities for fathers to become better parents, partners and providers. The Commission can be reached at FATHERS@jfs.ohio.gov.

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