Report: Partnering with Families for Early Language and Literacy – Research-based Strategies for Early Childhood Teachers

This report written by Ohio’s Statewide Family Engagement Center is for teachers, pre-K through 3rd grade, looking to improve their strategies for partnering with families for children’s language and literacy development. The following strategies drawn from the research literature offer opportunities for teachers to build stronger partnerships with families to support children’s language and literacy development.

Click below to download the full report, which includes “opportunities teachers can use” for every strategy below.

  • Provide families with information on shared reading and literacy practices.
  • Encourage families to have fun with language and literacy.
  • Create roles for parents in the school that support literacy.
  • Learn from families about children’s culture, skills and interests, and use that information to create literacy lessons and assignments.
  • Provide families with books and other literacy resources.
  • Assist families in understanding their children’s language and literacy progress.
  • Provide special supports for non-native English speaking families.
  • Have high, positive expectations of families’ desires and abilities to contribute to their children’s language and literacy development, and view differences as assets.

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