Learning from Families boosts Teacher Self-Efficacy

Teacher with IPad talking with elementary aged children in a classroom

We’ve found in our research at the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center that when teachers reach out, listen, and learn from families about their “funds of knowledge,” they feel more connected to their students and families, and better equipped to do their jobs. This school year, why not try building in more time to listen and learn from families directly? Here’s one way how: The handout below provides an opportunity for teachers to learn from families. In our family engagement course for teachers, we encourage teachers to start small trying out a new strategy – maybe picking 2 families this school year that they don’t know very well to partner with more deeply. This handout can easily be adapted to fit your local context. Planning to try this out? Keep us posted on how it’s going by sending us a quick note to OhioSFEC@osu.edu!

Relevant Publications:

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Handout adapted for Ohio from this original one.

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